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Longtime fans will not want to miss the season five finale as we’re hearing some familiar faces will be popping up in Mystic Falls. Plus, EP Caroline Dries teases that the finale’s cliffhanger is “up there” with the series’ best, including Katherine chopping off Uncle John’s fingers in season one.
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iwantyoudamon derekseyebrows I don’t think there’s anything I can do other than waiting tbh but meh computers, sensitive little things….

derekseyebrows gonna do it when the computer starts working cause like it’s stuck lmao at the windows thingy in the start…

iwantyoudamon omg haha xD srsly though how am I watching the next tvd episode? And omg what if I have to format my computer shit I’m gonna lose the sims 3 and every single thing I downloaded for photoshop which is a lot and the episodes shit that took ages to download sobs

(Love Enzo) Then you’ll love Thursday’s very Enzo-centric episode! While he’ll finally learn the truth about Maggie, he also puts Stefan and Elena in grave danger, which ultimately leads to an epic battle among the three. The question is: How will Damon handle being caught in the middle?

survivorslikedelena it’s not funny nagle :( btw you’re probs gonna have to blog for me again xD

derekseyebrows iwantyoudamon well I turned the computer on and the antivirus poppes up saying that there was a virus from a programme that I didn’t even know I had so uninstalled it and ran the antivirus which I had to update. Then I was blogging and this “zzz” noises started and I was like shit. Then the screen turned black and I can’t turn the computer off. I’m screwed.

Something tells me my computer broke…..



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